Sensory Room

Visiting a Stadium can be overwhelming, with large crowds, noises, bright lights and unfamiliar situations contributing to sensory overload.  

Optus Stadium provides a sensory room, accessible to all patrons, located near aisle 149. The room is an escape from the crowds, sounds, lights and provides a calming environment for those with sensory sensitivities.  

Operation of the sensory room is at the discretion of the venue hirer and therefore there may be slight variations in how the room operates on event days. 

For a list of events where the room will be in operation, please see the booking form below. 

Optus Stadium's sensory room features:

  • An open area with carpet flooring, bean bags and sensory toys;
  • A bench seat for carers in the open area;
  • 3 individual booths, with carpet flooring and floor to ceiling curtains;
  • 1 child and carer booth with a storage cupboard, and shelving for toys and activities;
  • A TV mounted in the corner of the room, for patrons to continue watching the event without sound;
  • Soft lighting. 

Sensory items included in the room:

  • Bean bags
  • Tactile wall panels
  • Gymnic disco cushions
  • Body socks
  • Noise protection headphones.


Frequently asked questions:

Who can access the sensory room? 

All event patrons can access the sensory room. Please note all visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times whilst in the space. The sensory room is not a social space, or children's play area. 

Where is the sensory room located?

The room is located near aisle 149 inside Optus Stadium. 

Do I have to book the sensory room?

Bookings are not mandatory, however on event day preference will be given to those who do book ahead of time. Registrations do not provide exclusive use of the room; it is a shared space. 

Bookings can be made via the booking form below. 

When is the sensory room open on event day? 

The sensory room is open when gates open and closes at the conclusion of the match/event. 

Do I need to pay to access any of the sensory inclusive resources?

No. All resources are free of any charge. Sensory room items are not to be removed from the room. 

Can I bring in food and drink?

Food and drinks are not permitted in the sensory room. The sensory room is an alcohol-free zone.


Sensory room registration form

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