Construction Fact Sheet

Construction of Optus Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park commenced on Sunday 7 December 2014. See below for interesting facts and key milestones:


Construction facts:

  • Approx. 2,000 concrete piles driven into the site over 12 months.
  • Each pile driven to a depth of 35m
  • More than 100 contracts issued by Multiplex.
  • The Stadium has five levels, at a total height of 42m.
  • 21 Olympic sized swimming pools of concrete used to build the Stadium.

Key milestones:

  • Pouring of the 1st concrete slab in mid-2015
  • Eight tower cranes in place by end of 2015
  • Seat installation commenced early 2016
  • Installation of the unique bronze facade begins early 2016
  • Over 5,800 workers directly employed during construction. Workforce peaks in early 2017.
  • Grass playing service completed in mid-2017
  • 36 months of construction ending in 2017