Perth Stadium Station Entry

Work on the train station at the new Perth Stadium site has reached a major milestone with construction now underway.

  • Construction of Stadium Station begins
  • Animation detailing the project construction stages has gone live
  • Smart building techniques will ensure minimal impact on train services

Construction of the Stadium Station will be completed in 2017, in time for extensive commissioning and testing before it opens in time for the start of the 2018 AFL season.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder visited the site to mark the start of construction.

“This Government is focussed on delivering a smart transport solution for the new Perth Stadium through a series of integrated pieces of infrastructure including bike paths, a pedestrian bridge and the new train station,” Mr Nalder said.

“The forward works for the station began more than a year ago, and involved ‘slewing’ or relocating the tracks in line with the location of the new station.

“The station itself will cost about $40 million to build, with a further $60m to be spent on the 11km of complex overhead wiring and track to support this world-class piece of infrastructure.”

Mr Nalder also released an animation providing an insight into how the station would be built. It shows that, through clever design, the number of columns on each platform is halved to improve the passenger experience by providing greater light, access and visibility.

In coming months, two big tower cranes will be erected on the site, to enable the PRISM Alliance (the Public Transport Authority, Laing O’Rourke and AECOM) to start work on four of the platforms and a second set of tracks.

Trains on the existing Armadale/Thornlie Line will then be swapped over to use the new tracks, so work on the final two platforms can be completed.

View the staging animation.

View the Stadium Station construction fact sheet.

Fact file

  • Stadium Station will have 11km of tracks and 11 lifts across its six platforms.
  • About 340 tonnes of steel will be required to build the concourse.
  • Stadium Station will be operational in time for the start of the 2018 AFL season.