Matagarup Bridge Project Overview

Matagarup Bridge is a new metropolitan river crossing that provides exclusive pedestrian and cyclist access over the river.  When completed it will connect East Perth, at Nelson Avenue, with Optus Stadium on the Burswood Peninsula.

Visually stunning, the 370m long, nine metre-wide bridge will have a steel cable-stay span of 160m at its centre. This central structural arch and expressive apex rises 65 metres above the river to provide a focal point from distant vantage points, the city and Optus Stadium.

The design achieves a sensitive footprint, treading lightly upon the river and both foreshores with only two piers situated in the water, thereby respecting the heritage of the area and minimising the impact on the riverbed.

The structural forces are expressed clearly and uniquely in the black and white articulation of the arch ribbons reflecting both structural interdependency and the symbolic coming together of diverse cultures. Some will see swans in the design, while others will see a Wagyl taking shape or a dolphin, which is perfect for this river environment.

The bridge will be made of structural steel and approximately 1500 tonnes of steel, 1.6km of piles and 1.5km of steel cables and strip lighting will be used in the construction. Shared paths on the eastern and western foreshores will be retained and will pass under the new bridge.  The vessel navigational area will be at least 40 metres wide with clearance of eight metres between the water and bridge deck, the same as Windan Bridge.

Around 14,000 people are expected to cross the bridge on event days. The journey across the bridge to the Stadium will feature landscaped seating areas and decorative lighting designed to enhance the ‘fans first’ experience during daylight and night time events.

Other works include the construction of two approaches at both ends of the bridge, special event bus stands on the East Perth shoreline and full landscaping to both shorelines.

Working in and around the Swan River requires careful management of the surrounding environment including marine life, water quality and riverbed disturbances and heritage and cultural consideration.

Industry participation

York Rizzani JV has developed an industry participation plan to guide local supplier participation. The goods and services for the project may include but are not limited to:

  • Design engineering
  • Construction workforce
  • Project management
  • Architecture
  • Steel, concrete, cabling, lighting
  • Geotechnical services

The Western Australian industry will be given a full, fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in all aspects of the project.

Key dates:

  • Site offices established – November 2015
  • Causeway construction commences – January 2016
  • Bridge foundations completed – early 2017
  • Bridge construction completion target date – May 2018