The Western Australian State Government has launched the ServiceWA App which brings your COVID-19 digital certificate and SafeWA App to one centralised location.

The App is one easy way you can show your  proof of vaccination when you enter venues across the State, including Optus Stadium.

The process to set up ServiceWA can take up to half an hour, so we recommend you set it up before you arrive at the venue.

There are three steps to making sure the Service WA App works on your phone.

  1. Download MyGovID (a Commonwealth Government App) and register your details to confirm your identity. To complete this step you’ll need a MyGov account linked to your Medicare service and some proof of identity documents, such as your passport, Medicare card and/or driver’s licence.  
  2. Download the ServiceWA App and link the two Apps by following the prompts in ServiceWA
  3. Then upload your proof of vaccination to the ServiceWA App and you’re ready to scan QR codes

One of the most important features of the ServiceWA App is that it contains features to ensure that your COVID-19 digital certificate is authentic, making it easier for you to prove your vaccination status to enter venues and large events. 

The SafeWA app can continue to be used to check-in, in conjunction with your proof of vaccination in your Apple wallet and we will also accept printed proof of vaccination. More details about the approved forms of proof of vaccination can be read here.

If you need assistance in setting up your ServiceWA App, please click here.