Hundreds of kilos of food has made its way to OzHarvest after crowds were turned away from West Coast’s clash with the Western Bulldogs on Sunday.
Fans were told they couldn’t attend the match shortly before gates were due to open due to the State Government reinstating COVID restrictions, meaning Optus Stadium’s food outlets were fully stocked to cater for more than 50,000 fans but were left with no one to serve.
Thousands of meals were salvaged and passed on to OzHarvest who in turn distribute the meals to charities, schools, women’s refuges and individuals in need.
Speaking to 6PR’s Breakfast show on Monday, Optus Stadium CEO Mike McKenna said every effort was made to ensure food didn’t go to waste.

“The things that we could salvage, loaves of bread and things like that. Pizza bases and those sorts of things, they are going to be donated to OzHarvest,” he said.
“We’ve done that a couple of times before. 
"This is probably the third time we’ve had a really late cancellation of an event and in each case we’ve got anything between $30,000 and $50,000 worth of food donated to OzHarvest.”

To find out more about OzHarvest, volunteer, donate or give food visit ozharvest.com.au.