Retail Specials

There will be plenty of Italian inspired specials to mangiare during the AC Milan v AS Roma match at Optus Stadium on Friday 31 May. 

Our culinary team will be cooking up an array of traditional Italian eats and serving them across our retail food outlets. Expect to see traditional Italian dishes on the menu, like arancini, Osso Bucco and pasta. Then there will be the classic Stadium favourites like pizzas.  

Our team will be adding a twist to some old favourites and current stadium food items. The Lasagne Burger – we don’t think you’d find it anywhere else - features crumbed beef lasagne with pomodoro relish, rocket, and shaved parmesan in a ciabatta roll. Available from Burger Outlets, this burger is a must try for those looking to for something tasty and different.

Optus Stadium has also been working with our partners and WA suppliers to offer some special retail items in celebrating the best of West Australian produce with Italian flair. 

Signora Macs (normally known as Mrs Macs) will be releasing the Pizza Pie, an Italian twist on an Aussie classic, and a Meatlovers Pizza Pastie. 

At Aisle 132, we will have Margret River’s Mai Tardi Gelato scooping up artisan gelato using their Italian family recipes. 

And what’s there to drink, you ask? 

Diageo will be serving a refreshing Gordon’s Mediterranean Orange Gin and Sicilian Lemon Gin inside the stadium and at the Western Podium Bar. Finally, all the way from Italy, we’ll have the Da Luca Prosecco by Accolade Wines, available at all bar outlets inside the stadium. Cin Cin! 

Full List of Italian Retail Specials





Porcini Arancini with pesto dipping sauce

Risotto balls stuffed with porcini and mozzarella, served with green pesto dipping sauce


Pizza – 128, 515, 545  

Lasagne Burger

Crumbed beef lasagne with pomodoro relish, rocket, mayo, and shaved parmesan in a ciabatta roll


Burger – 121, 144, 520, 540

Large Arancini with Napolitana sauce

Bolognese risotto ball with Napolitana sauce ragu, peas and mozzarella, and shaved parmesan


Well Fed  105, 116, 507, 519, 532, 544

Italiano Hot dog

Smoked pork sausage with light mustard, topped with pan fried potato, capsicums and onions in an Italian bread roll


Hot Dog – 104, 119, 502, 539

Meatball Sandwich

Lunga Italian bread roll filled with meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce, wild rocket, and mozzarella 


Bars with food  111,124, 136, 524, 536 and Eastern score board – 505

Cotto e Funghi Pizza

Shaved leg ham, mushroom, mozzarella & tomato sauce


Pizza – 101, 128, 515, 545

Cacciatore Pizza

Cacciatore sausage, kalamata olives, mozzarella, basil, oregano & tomato sauce


Pizza – 101, 128, 515, 545

Polpetta Pizza

Pork & veal meatball, rocket, garlic, mixed herbs, mozzarella & tomato sauce 


Pizza – 101, 128, 515, 545

Potato and Cheese Croquette

Potato and mozzarella croquette with smoky paprika dipping sauce


Chicken – 114, 133, 511, 531

Chilli Calamari

Lightly dusted chilli calamari strips


Seafood – 108, 141, 529, 549

Italian steak sandwich

Slow-cooked Rib eye steak with green pesto, rocket, red onion and capsicum jam, sliced cheese in a ciabatta roll


Burger – 144 and 540

Bolognese loaded chips

Beef Bolognese loaded lattice chips with shaved parmesan cheese


Burger – 144 and 540

Cauliflower Gnocchi with Lamb

Fluffy pillows of Gnocchi with a slow cooked lamb mince Ragu


139, 508, 546

Osso Bucco

Slow cooked Osso Bucco with creamy mash potato and vegetables


139, 508, 546

Spinach & ricotta ravioli with cheesy garlic bread

Spinach & ricotta ravioli in mushroom cream sauce with cheesey garlic bread


Well Fed – 105, 116, 507, 519, 532, 544

Beef & Parmesan ravioli with cheesy garlic bread

Beef & Parmesan ravioli with a Beef Bolognese sauce served with cheesey garlic bread


Well Fed – 105, 116, 507, 519, 532, 544

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