June is here and with it comes the Noongar season of Makuru, which brings with it rain and cold weather.

The inclement weather of Makuru shouldn’t keep you from coming down to Stadium Park as there are plenty of shelters to enjoy a picnic under, while the free barbeques will give you a nice warm meal.

Makuru sees the rains swell the rivers and lakes across South West WA while the season brings the local fauna together in preparation for breeding.

Looking around Stadium Park you will see more Mali (Black Swans) in the waters as they prepare to nest and breed, while wardongs (raven) can be seen flying in pairs.

As you walk one of the many paths around Stadium Parks there should be an abundance of blues and purples early in the season before they make way for white and cream flowers later.

You can learn more about the six Noongar season while walking around Stadium Park and take in the Kaya poem by Professor Kim Scott that is etched into concrete panels around Optus Stadium.

Noongar Seasons:
Birak (December - January)
Bunuru (February - March)
Djeran (April - May)
Makuru (June - July)
Djilba (August - September)Kambarang (October - November)