Today marks an exciting day at Optus Stadium as the Optus 5G network is officially switched on.

Optus Stadium is the first commercial building in Australia (excluding Optus retail stores) and the first sporting venue in Western Australia to be 5G enabled.

Visitors to Optus Stadium who have a 5G handset can now benefit from the newly switched on 5G technology with faster download speeds and a more reliable video and app streaming experience. 

The Benefits of 5G

  • Fans who have a 5G handset will immediately benefit from the newly switched on 5G technology with faster download speeds and a more reliable video and app streaming experience – even when 60,000 people are uploading images and streaming video of an event to social media channels.
  • Sports and entertainment fans won’t just get the thrill of watching live sport and concerts at Optus Stadium, they will also be able to access the benefits of 5G throughout the Stadium.
  • 5G is an ideal network solution for stadiums enabling large numbers of users in a crowd to connect simultaneously.
  • Part of Optus’ 5G network roll-out is to enable innovative new experiences across multiple industries including sports and entertainment. 

Optus Stadium Tours

  • Further enriching the in-stadium fan experience, Optus has also integrated 5G into the popular Optus Stadium Tour offering an immersive and interactive experience for tour patrons. 
  • Visiting the Optus suite, guests will experience the Stadium’s world-famous light show using augmented reality run over the power of Optus 5G. Tickets on sale now via the Optus Stadium website. 
  • For a limited time, the Optus Suite features the unique “Super Zoomy OPTUS x Hot Wheels” race track experience (January & February only). All Optus Stadium Tour participates will receive a complimentary Hot Wheels memento.

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin:

“5G will be transformative in the home, at work and when we are at play, like cheering on your team or singing along to your favourite artist. We know people have been eager to get back into Optus Stadium with a full crowd and with Optus 5G now enabled throughout the stadium, fans will be able to connect at the speed of their excitement.

“This next generation technology has the potential to revolutionise the way sport and live entertainment is enjoyed.

President of Nokia Mobile Networks Tommi Uitto:

“We are proud to support Optus in their pioneering efforts to deliver compelling 5G indoor and outdoor coverage at Optus Stadium. While access to public events has been impacted in the current environment, Optus’ 5G network will ensure extraordinary 5G experiences for all in readiness for spectators filling stadiums to capacity again.” 

Sport & Recreation Minister Mick Murray:

“5G is set to transform the way we now watch sport and live performances as well as how we connect with everyone, while also significantly enhancing the fans first experience.  It has been an exciting partnership with Optus as our naming rights partner, with many additional benefits such as added technology support and funding.

“I would like to thank the team at VenuesWest and VenuesLive for coordinating the roll out of this exciting new technology together with Optus, and providing an incredible fans first experience.”