Stadium Park Bicycle Access

Cycling to and from the Optus Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park will be encouraged.

Several shared use paths throughout Stadium Park are connected to the existing Burswood Peninsula path network, including the path adjacent to the Swan River and along Victoria Park Drive.

There will be bike parking for a total of 600 bikes located throughout Stadium Park and service the year-round recreational facilities provided, including picnic areas, children’s playgrounds, the redeveloped Golf Clubhouse – The Camfield, and the Northern Oval.

For safety reasons, cyclists will be encouraged to dismount in certain areas of the Stadium Park such as the Arbour and BHP Boardwalk.

The bike racks (with cyclists providing their own bike lock for security) will also be available to patrons who choose to cycle to Optus Stadium for events. Patrons will be encouraged to dismount prior to entering Stadium Park to help minimise collisions with other patrons. Details regarding event day traffic and patron management will be released on the Perth Stadium website closer to opening in January 2018.