Camfield Drive extension works

The Optus Stadium ‘fans first’ experience will be enhanced through the provision of an improved and integrated public transport system comprising upgrades to road, rail, bus and pedestrian services allowing maximum public transport usage.

The upgraded system will not only improve public transport access for Stadium events, it will also have flow on benefits for other activities on the Burswood Peninsula.

Camfield Drive extension works

Camfield Drive is being extended from Great Eastern Highway to provide access to the new Crown Towers Perth. To increase access and minimise traffic congestion and delays during event days at Optus Stadium, Camfield Drive will be extended further to the Optus Stadium and surrounding Stadium Park.

Camfield Drive will extend north from the Crown Towers Perth entry to the southern edge of the Optus Stadium Bus Station (and non-event day parking facility). Other works include:

  • The realignment of the Optus Stadium Bus Station to minimise pedestrian congestion.
  • Construction of an east-west road from Camfield Drive to Victoria Park Drive.
  • Construction of some new shared pedestrian pathways, available on both event and non-event days to access the Optus Stadium and the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge.

Buses during Stadium events

An additional road to Optus Stadium (achieved by the Camfield Drive extension) will significantly reduce the number of buses on Victoria Park Drive during events. This means there will be less interaction between buses and vehicles travelling to Optus Stadium.

There will be shorter journey times for bus passengers heading to and from Optus Stadium, particularly those coming from Canning Highway, Shepperton Road and the Causeway.

The Camfield Drive extension will also allow double-lane storage for around 60 buses on event days, which removes the need to store significant numbers of buses along much of Victoria Park Drive.

The drop-off facility and layover area for country and private coaches will be moved away from the Optus Stadium entrance (onto the east-west road) to minimise congestion.

Traffic benefits

Potential traffic queues in the hour before an event at the Stadium will be minimised on Victoria Park Drive, with a significant number of buses being able to exclusively utilise the Camfield Drive extension on event days.

Congestion will also be reduced for vehicles accessing the Stadium drop-off facility, as well as reserved and ACROD parking, from Victoria Park Drive.

Access to the parklands south of the Optus Stadium and surrounding Park will be improved by creating verge parking for approximately 150 cars on non-event days.

Camfield Drive extension works construction timeline

  • December 2015 – design begins
  • February 2016 – preliminary works (ground treatment) commence
  • Early 2017 – construction of roads and pedestrian pathways begin
  • Late 2017 – project completed.